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Gem and Mineral Reference Library   

Florida Geological Survey Newsletter Winter 2014

Interested in Pearls?? Click HERE for an article from "Jewelry making Daily"

USGS information about
public lands...great info for vacation planning!

Cape Town (South Africa) Gem & Mineral Club

Need metal working supplies? Check out EGGM Enterprises...
(No connection to the GMSPB...)


USGS Mineralogical resources maps

Mindat is the largest mineral database and mineralogy reference website on
the internet. This site contains worldwide data on minerals, mineral
collecting, mineral localities and other mineralogical data.

Gemdat is a unique reference web site on gems and gemology with something
for everyone from beginners to experts.

An amazing wealth of information on many aspects of our hobby

Beautiful pottery made from oceanic seafloor sediment
The Soft Earth

World's Largest Amythest geode..."The Empress"

The manufacturing of Ancient Stone beads  (from

40 Common Minerals with links to detailed information!
Thanks to Danielle from Ms. Gardener's class from the Mesa Valley School District in Colorado
for this one!

FLINT...lots of good information and images...

USGS report on
Yosemite Rockfalls

Igneous Rock Classification Diagrams
By Andrew Alden, Guide

The Mohs Scale               How to Look at a Rock

Great tounge-in-cheek article about chalk. Chalk is weird!

Great site with pictures of many different varieties
of this beautiful  material
Tiger Eye information
Club Purpose:
To associate persons of the Palm Beach area of Florida who are
interested in earth sciences, to work together as an organization in the
gathering, cutting,displaying, and studying of rocks, shells, artifacts, and
organization to promote community interest in these objects.

The society is a member of the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical &
Lapidary Societies Inc. and the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical
Societies, Inc., which are affiliated with the American Federation of
Mineralogical Societies. Our members are able to participate in activities
sponsored by these organizations
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